KEBA Sandwiches is backed by a talented team of individuals with a broad range of experience in the restaurant and franchise industry. We provide a comprehensive training program prior to opening, which lasts up to 30 business days, as well as pre-opening and post-opening employee training and assistance. You will be provided with a detailed set of operations manuals and human resources tools, accounting assistance, marketing materials, assistance with your local marketing plans and management of the National Advertising Fund.

As a KEBA Franchise Owner, you will be assigned a Regional Manager who will make periodic visits to your location to evaluate operations and make recommendations for improvement. The Regional Manager is responsible for assisting Franchise Owners with setting goals to operate a professionally managed restaurant. This is accomplished by building and maintaining a relationship with the Franchise Owner, providing optimum support and promoting open communication through guidance, feedback and operational assistance. Regional Managers use a variety of measurement and feedback tools.

Additionally, KEBA Sandwiches offers a dynamic advertising and marketing program. We require Franchise Owner participation and will assist in the development of marketing campaigns on both a local and regional basis.