What is the Franchise Fee?

$25,000 paid in 2 installments: First payment of $15,000 is due upon execution of the Franchise Agreement; second installment of $10,000 is paid upon approval of Franchise Owner's proposed site.

What are the terms of my franchise agreement?

Ten years with two five-year options to renew.

What is the royalty rate?

4% of the weekly gross revenues.

Do you have an advertising program?

You are required to contribute 3.5% of your monthly gross revenues to the National Advertising Fund.

What is your Training Program?

KEBA's pre-opening training program covers all aspects of opening, operating and managing a KEBA Sandwiches restaurant. It includes six weeks of training in Athens, Georgia and utilizes both classroom and hands-on techniques. There is no charge to you for this training; however, you will be responsible for employee salary, lodging and meals. Our ongoing training and support programs will help keep you on top of the latest products, techniques, training tools, marketing campaigns and industry developments.

What can KEBA do for me that I can't do for myself?

A cornerstone of our concept is our on-going support program. The KEBA Sandwiches management team has combined over 100 years of experience in the operation of successful restaurants and will provide support including:

  • Daily Operations Manual
  • Training and Human Resources Tools
  • Regional Manager and other field support staff
  • Advertising campaigns
  • New menu item development
  • Bookkeeping and accounting consulting
  • Up-to-date information on industry trends
  • Networking community for franchisees to discuss and share issues and solutions
  • Organization of food safety courses
  • Review of health and safety regulations to ensure all locations are current with safety requirements

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