The kebap, a Turkish cousin to the Greek gyro, is actually named donor (turning) kebap (roasted). Keba’s traditional kebap sandwich is made with a European-style bread (round bread, toasted on the outside and moist and flaky on the inside), exclusively baked for Keba with a secret recipe. The bread is filled with your choice of meat (chicken, beef or pork) that is marinated and grilled on a vertical spit giving our patrons a sensory centric experience. In addition to these marinated meat options, Keba also offers a selection of lamb, falafel or feta to serve in its place. The sandwich is topped off with lettuce, cabbage, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers and one of Keba’s signature sauces. KEBA can also build your KEBA as a wrap, salad or K-Bowl (A KEBA sandwich without the bread).

To round out the Keba experience, KEBA offers authentic Belgian fries and refreshing gelato. KEBA’s fries are accompanied by your choice of one of the dipping sauces. They are cut daily, precooked and then flash fried when the customer orders them. All sandwiches and fries are made to order and offer a healthy quick service alternative.

In Germany, the kebap is the number one selling sandwich with annual sales exceeding $3 billion. KEBA’s goal is to turn it into America's favorite sandwich one KEBA at a time.

KEBA Sandwiches…We carve, you crave!